Tuscan condiment made from unripe grape must


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Additional Information

  • Manufacturer: Marrucola
  • Area: San Miniato (Pisa)
  • Type: Condiment made from the must of unripe grapes, wine vinegar and spices
  • Size: 250 ml
  • Packaging: 1 Bottle
  • Availability: Available in 4 days + shipping
  • Buy 3 for €8.00 each and save 6%
The Agresto produced by the Azienda Agrituristica Marrucola in San Miniato (Pisa province) is a genuine speciality, featured on our website as one of the local products available to buy online. The Tuscan seasoning made from the must of unripe grapes and spices has ancient origins and is said to have been particularly appreciated by the Romans. It was certainly widely used in the Middle Ages, served both at the rich tables of wealthy lords and at the simple meals of peasants. The aromatic, spicy flavour of the acidic conserve makes it suitable for seasoning simple dishes like salads and boiled potatoes, as well as grilled fish and roasted meat. In ancient times, agresto was a rather thick vinegary sauce which was diluted with water or stock to add flavour to meals and to prepare drinks which were believed to be medicinal and in some cases even magical. What is certain is that our verjuice will enchant all who taste it with its delicious flavour. The precious medieval recipe has been carefully guarded by a number of Tuscan families and handed down to us so that we can enjoy using it at our own tables. The ingredients used to make the agresto available to buy on our website are: must from unripe grapes, wine vinegar, onion, garlic, pepper, honey and spices. The must is the key ingredient, made from grapes unripened due to a lack of exposure to sunlight because covered by vine leaves, or because they have grown partly in the shade, or due to being picked before ripening. The grapes, honey and natural flavourings contained in this artisan agresto sauce all come from the countryside around San Miniato where the farm that makes it is located.

Vin Santo Marrucola

Tuscan dessert wine
Vin Santo Marrucola
Dessert wine with 16.0% alcohol content, golden yellow in colour with an intense perfume and aromatic taste. Produced in San Miniato with organically-grown grapes.

Pear Marmalade

100% natural extra conserve
Pear Marmalade
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