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“Vivere la Toscana” is always available to answer all the requests and to meet the needs of each user, company or private individual. Here you can see the particular cases you can contact us or ask for a quotation:


  • Are you a foreign user and your country is not in the list of destinations of “Vivere la Toscana”? Send us an e-mail and accurately state the goods you want to order, their quantity and the country of destination. As soon as possible, “Vivere la Toscana” will send you a communication concerning the price of each product, together with the shipment costs.


  • Are you a user that wants specific information about a producer, a product or the times of manufacturing and shipping? Contact us: we will give you an answer as soon as possible.


  • Are you a company that wants to be a partner of “Vivere la Toscana”? Send us your request for partnership. We will contact your offices as soon as possible.


  • Are you a shopkeeper who wants to buy a quantity of goods higher than the amount of the product form? Send us an e-mail with your request: we will send it to the producer and you will be contacted for an answer about it.


  • Are you a Tuscan producer? Would you like to promote your products in our showcase? Contact us! “Vivere la Toscana” will assess your request and, if possible, you will be a part of the Tuscan producers of our portal, increasing you chances of sale!