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100% cashmere blanket throw

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Additional Information

  • Manufacturer: Melys
  • Area: Arezzo
  • Type: 100% cashmere customizable plaid. Plain knit, Gauge 12.
  • Size: One size 100x200 cm
  • Packaging: 1 plaid
  • Availability: 1 Month

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The cashmere blanket throw of the collection MM2M, warm and very soft, 100% cashmere, is one of the exclusive Made in Italy products, online in our showcase. MELYS has been manufacturing knitwear in the area of Arezzo since 1956. The purchase of a cloth or a home accessory, created by the wonderful Tuscan knitting mill is a synonym of a homemade product, where the love for tradition and the respect for Nature join together in order to give the customer the same passion for beauty and the quality of the “well made” things. Cashmere is a very fine fibre, strictly obtained by brushing the lower fleece of the cashmere goat during the moulting period, in May. Every goat is brushed for 30 minutes; only the best fibres will be used to produce our yarns. The cashmere blanket throw you can find in our online shop is 100% cashmere from Italy and Scotland, highly selected. The blanket yarn is plain knit, Gauge 12, particularly soft and pleasant to touch. The fabric is single colour, available in 21 different melange shades, ranging from the natural hues (green, brown, grey etc) to the brightest ones (pink, red, sky blue etc), suitable for every kind of furniture. You can personalize your cashmere blanket throw with your initials embroidered on it or those of the person you want to give it. Soft and handy, it is perfect as blanket on your bed or for a warm embrace while watching television, on your sofa. The cashmere throw on sale is 1x2 metres.