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  1. Norcineria Marianelli
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  • Wild Boar Sausage

    Traditional Tuscan salami, made with wild boar meat
    Wild Boar Sausage
    Traditional Tuscan salami produced in San Miniato, made with wild boar meat, pork ‘pancetta’, salt, pepper, garlic and red wine. Aged for 2 months.
  • Old Tuscan Salami Underash

    Homemade sausage by Ancient Pork Butchery Marianelli of Montopoli
    Typical sausage of Montopoli in Val d’Arno (PI), refined under ash, according to the ancient tradition of Montopoli and produced by the Ancient Sausage Shop and pork butchery Marianelli.
  • Salami with wine

    Typical salami of Montopoli produced by Ancient pork butchery Marianelli
    A sausage of the tradition of Montopoli, produced by the Ancient pork butchery Marianelli and made up of local lean pork and fine Tuscan red wine.
  • Cured spicy sausage

    Cured spicy Italian sausage made by Tuscan pork butchers from Tuscan pork meat.
    Cured spicy sausage
    Spicy sausages made by Tuscan pork butchers from Tuscan pork meat and fresh chilli pepper from Lucania.
  • Sheep salami

    Tuscan salami made from sheep and pork meats, salt and natural flavourings.
    Sheep salami
    Tuscan salami made from sheep and pork meats, salt and natural flavourings, produced by traditional pork butchers from San Miniato. Delicate flavour.
  • "The forgotten one" of the ancient hamlet

    Tuscan salami aged in Syrah wine barrels
    Tuscan salami from the old Specialty butchershop Marianelli, with a strong flavour, due to its maturing in Barbiglione IGT red wine barrels in Usigliano di Palaia (PI).
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Toscano salami is renowned for the quality of the meat and the traditional processing and curing methods used to make it, as well as for the special flavour that distinguishes local produce made in Tuscany. Only the best quality locally-produced pork meat is used to make artisan salami. In particular, the leanest meat from the thigh, neck and shoulder of the heavy pig is used in the production of this kind of sausage. Small pieces of roughly chopped pork fat give the cured salami its unmistakeable, characteristic speckled appearance when sliced. The sausage is given extra flavour by adding spices, salt, pepper, garlic, fennel (in the case of Finocchiona salami), and red wine in the mixture used to make Castruccino al Varramista, an artisan salami made by the Antica Norcineria Marianelli, available to buy online from our website. The pork can also be mixed with wild boar meat to produce an excellent wild boar salami with its typically wild flavour, such as the one produced in Torniella and supplied by the Enoteca Il Bacchino to be sold on our website. The Castruccino cured salami is instead made from pure pork meat and has a delicate flavour typical of the Tuscan village of Montopoli in Valdarno. Toscano salami is not only distinguished by the ingredients used to make it, but also by the curing and ageing processes which are carried out to traditional methods. The Old Tuscan Salami made by the pork butchers of Montopoli, for example, is aged under a layer of ash to give special nuances of flavour to the meat.