Plum Jam  

100% natural extra conserve


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Additional Information

  • Manufacturer: Bartoli
  • Area: Pian d'Alma, Scarlino (GR)
  • Type: Extra plum conserve contains more than 80% fruit
  • Size: 300 gr.
  • Packaging: 1 glass jar
  • Availability: Available in 4 days + shipping
  • Buy 5 for €5.00 each and save 6%
Plum jam is a delicious preserve made by the Azienda Agricola Bartoli farm with their particular passion for tradition and respect for the environment. The 100% natural, extra jam, is made with more than 80% fruit and contains no additives, preservatives or colouring. In the past, homemade Italian jam made by Tuscan farmers contained no gelling or thickening agents. The secret of their conserves was in the quality of the fresh fruit, untouched by chemical substances or fertilizers. In order to continue the tradition of growing authentic fruit and vegetables, the Bartoli farm follows integrated farming methods and makes limited use of synthetic products. The trees are cultivated with great care. To make the plum jam, varieties such as Laroda, Black Diamond, Black Amber and other plums of quality are used. The juicy, ripe fruits are carefully washed, peeled and stoned, then diced and cooked in a bain-marie. The traditional method for making plum preserve involves slow cooking for several hours until the fruit pulp has thickened. Next, the only other ingredients, sugar and lemon juice, are added. The extra homemade jam for sale in jars on our website contain just enough sugar to preserve the fruit without altering the authentic flavour. The Plum jam is put into glass jars while still hot to create an airtight seal. This is further ensured by boiling the jars in water. This delicious Italian jam is perfect for jam tarts and biscuit fillings, and is great with fresh cheese such as ricotta.

Your own Selection Pack of Fruit Jams

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Your own Selection Pack of Fruit Jams
Selection pack of 6 of our range of homemade jam. Jars are 300 g size and can be chosen to suit your taste from the extra fruit jams made by the Azienda Agricola Bartoli farm in Pian d’Alma (Grosseto province).

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